Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kim & Erik's Orange & Blue Wedding, May 15, 2010

Unapologetically bright, colorful flowers are striking, refreshing and truly memorable--  Vibrant wedding colors are surging right now, forming a distinct chapter in the history of wedding fashion.

Kimberly & Erik met me last November, with ideas for their wedding colors in place.  The details they left up to me.  So I began collecting a wide variety of cobalt blue glass, china, ceramics.  In clusters & vignettes, I placed groupings of mini bouquets all around the reception tables.  Even the altar flowers were in cobalt glass.  The flowers for the sand blending ceremony I arranged in an old blue painted metal ring, which at one time served as the handles for a large milk can.  Since my own antique china  complemented the rest of the pieces so very well, I loaned my cups & saucers to the cause.

These photos were taken with my handbag camera (Olympus FE-240).  By the time my work was done, Kim & Erik had retreated to the bride's & groom's rooms, so I have photos of most everything else.

The floral designs featured "Orange Unique" roses, tulips, begonia, kalanchoe, delphinium, pincushion protea, dendrobium orchids and other textural elements.  If you have any questions about any of the flowers or designs, please let me know!

Cordially yours,
I found these sweet little goblets, which the couple used for their toast.
Kim's bouquet was a bountiful collection of roses, tulips and exotics.
This painted blue milk can "handle" became the perfect decorative accent for the altar, where the couple performed a sand blending ceremony.
Oh, by the way, the "BandAid Buffet" was a large silver tray, trimmed in blue satin ribbon, with a navy fabric "blotter" on which were 10 different novelty tins of bandages (from pickles, to steaks, to fairies!).  Friends & family could take the ones they wanted.  Kim & Erik chose bandages as a party favor because they both work in health care.
The groom's daughter carried this bouquet -- since she's growing up fast, I made her bouquet just like the adult bridesmaids' bouquets, even though her dress was a younger style.


  1. Beautiful! Love the pop of complimentary colors.

  2. Thank you Colleen! I appreciate the encouragement.