Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Good Florist is like a Boy Scout (Be Prepared!)

Yesterday's wedding was to be a pretty basic set up.  Drop off the flowers at the church at 2 p.m., in time for photos.  Set up the altar bouquets, pass out the bridal party flowers, pin on assorted corsages & boutonnieres. 

A contingent of family members from "the greatest generation" waited patiently in the vestibule of the church, while the bridal party were still donning their clothes.  To pin on the 5 groomsmen's boutonnieres meant hunting down bodies -- wait, the bodies weren't dressed.  Hunting down tuxedo jackets.  That's more like it.  Gradually checking off the list, and pinning on parents' and grandparents' flowers as they arrived, I'd soon finish this task. 

Then the groom presented "another" groomsman to me, fully dressed and ready for his boutonniere.  Umm.  Did I make a pinning mistake?  No.  Did someone forget to tell me something?  Yes.

"Are there six groomsmen?"  Yes.
"Does this mean that there are also six bridesmaids?"  Yes.

The groom turned white, then red.  "Oh no.  Leah asked me to call you and order another boutonniere and bouquet.  This is my fault.  I added a groomsman, so she added a bridesmaid, and I forgot to tell you."


Luckily this family did add a bouquet for the sign in table-- And with a little time off to the side where nobody could see me, I re-fashioned it into the Maid of Honor's bouquet.  And I fixed a basic "extra" boutonniere with some bling, perfectly suited for the Best Man.

I may be able to add photos of the entire bridal party later, including those pieces I had to "rush."  Unfortunately, when my mind is focused on work, I sometimes forget to snap the photos.
I did get a few images of other pieces from this wedding.  Find them at Facebook's Fan Page for Julia's Floral. -- enjoy!

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