Sunday, March 4, 2012

Will all the normal brides please speak up?

I read an interesting blog post yesterday called, "Dear Wedding Bloggers, you Suck."

And I'd been lately thinking much the same thing, but not directed so clearly at wedding bloggers.

Normal brides who want normal weddings may be feeling the pressure to be weird, so that their wedding will be "special" enough to attract the attention of the blogosphere.  That's one way to have your wedding live on in perpetuity, aside from the classic wedding video.

Be so cool that you make the wedding blogs, and your special day will live on in links and blog archives forever, or until the blogger dies.  But then, your wedding images can also be pinned!  And re-pinned a'la Pinterest.

Whatever unique ideas you have, a skilled floral designer would be thrilled to design them for you.  I do hope that in the quiet of your mind (when you're not on Pinterest or scouring wedding blogs for other people's "unique ideas"), you open up your heart and soul to your true essence, summon down some creativity from Heaven, and think about what is going to reflect your personality in the sincerest possible way.

Who knows. Your own beautiful personality may not want mason jars, burlap, feathers, vintage suitcases, or any of the stuff that will be thought of in the future as "so 2011."  You've got to read the post in the link above.  It is one red-hot rant!
If you want a "unique" cake, get a talented florist to trick it out with fresh flowers.  It will be a show-stopper, maybe even wedding blog-worthy!  Cake by Celebrity Cake Studio, Flowers by Julia's Floral