Monday, July 26, 2010

Why I'm so happy today...

It's a Monday, and I'm giddy with joy --  the joy and satisfaction which comes from hard work, deliberately, thoughtfully, and lovingly done, with the help, support and understanding of many dear people.  I have survived the biggest wedding weekend of my summer.  The end result?  Success!!

I didn't intend to book four weddings.  Julie, the beloved niece of Bellarmine Prep's Admissions director (my kids' school), chose me for her Friday wedding.  Dina, a new friend who takes part in my do-it-yourself flower arranger's Meetup, asked me to create the floral designs for her Saturday wedding.  And I was sure Kristin, referred to me by a banquet professional that I love, was actually a June bride.  Yep.  A little mix-up.

Already feeling "full plate" syndrome, Jode ("Jo-dee") called me.  She'd found me in a web search and jumped for joy!  I designed for her daughter, Kari, six years ago, and she now wanted me to do Amanda's Sunday wedding flowers, too.  Oh boy.  How do I turn her away?
Well-- I tried to send her away.  Fearing I couldn't make everyone happy, I shared my misgivings with Jode in an e-mail:  "Would your heart sink beyond the depths if I told you I think that you deserve 100% of another florist's attention? I'm feeling pretty darn overwhelmed about that particular weekend, and I don't want your daughter's wedding flowers to suffer because of me being over-the-top busy. I'm so sorry, Jode, and I really hope you understand."

Her insistent answer, although panicky, contained this kernel of beauty which surprised me, and which I believe was instrumental to my success:  "I will be praying for you for supernatural peace, energy, and for His joy to cover you as you fulfill all of your orders. You are truly blessed and gifted...and though you may feel that you are not able to give us 100%, I assure you that your 75% is probably more than most people's 100%."

Looking back on the last week, and all the ways things could have gone wrong, and the countless ways things went "just right," I have to point to prayer.  God hears us.  And Jode was super patient, too.  I had forgotten to wire & tape three little dendrobium blossoms for Amanda's hair, even though I sent them along with lots of extras for the cake and everywhere else.  (My "75%" lapse in attention).  Jode was so nice about it-- and said they just worked some of those loose orchids into Amanda's hair and she looked beautiful!

How often we think that our efforts alone equal our success.  Even when I do my very best, prayer, and patience, add more to a successful result than I understand.  And I believe this extra measure of grace leads to joy beyond words.

Here are the bridal bouquets for the weekend of July 23, 24, 25, 2010.  Enjoy!!
Julie's Bouquet
Kristin's Bouquet

Dina's Bouquet

Amanda's Bouquet