Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heirloom Brooches enhance Wedding Flowers

As a hopeless romantic, I think there isn't much on earth as beautiful as flowers, except perhaps, gorgeously crafted heirloom jewelry.

So when Juliet met with me, and revealed her fondest desire for a vintage, romantic wedding in Tacoma's beloved historic, Gothic-style Holy Rosary Catholic Church, I just had to ask: 

"Do you have any heirloom brooches in your family?"

Juliet's maternal grandmother left behind some lovely things, including a nice variety of pretty brooches.  Selecting a clear rhinestone brooch and matching earring set, I adorned the peony, dahlia and garden rose bridal bouquet, and then added a pink tourmaline brooch to contrast with its ivory organza handle.

Juliet wanted some eclectic design in her wedding as well, so I styled unique combination bouquets for each attendant.  I still remember trying those five different brooches with the array of bouquets, finally deciding to contrast the jewels with the flowers, so they would be more visible and memorable features of the wedding.

These photos, by Gash Photography, give an idea of how heirloom jewelry can enhance a wedding.  And the intangible benefit in this case was Grandma's presence with this family on Juliet's wedding day.
Look closely and you can see the brooches in these bouquets.

Each bridesmaid carried a different bouquet, all adorned with a family heirloom.

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