Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Sweet Bride's Guide to How to Win Over your Wedding Florist

Here is how to win "The Sweetness Award" by your Wedding Floral Designer (She will award you with AWESOME Flowers and service because you're easy and fun to work with).  C'mon, you can do it!!  Remember the "Golden Rule?"  Well, this advice is golden...

1).  TIME IS MONEY.  Realize that her time is as important as yours.  Your florist will have set aside specific time for your consultation, and she could have used it to run errands, set other appointments, get stuff done. Only cancel if it's impossible to meet, then apologize profusely, try for another time, and KEEP it.  She will appreciate that you care about her time.
2).  COMMUNICATE WITH CARE.  Ask about her communication style and try to adapt to it.  Not everyone has internet-phones with instant access to text messaging.  If your florist is good on the telephone, but not so good on texting, realize this and try to be patient with communicating.  Some of the very best and most experienced florists came of age before instant messaging and texting.  Don't assume she's as comfortable texting as you are.  If you text or e-mail an important message, also phone her office number to let her know you've sent a text or an e-mail, and leave a voice message.

4).  BE YOURSELF.  I know you're nervous, because you're meeting someone new.  Let your essence show!  Come dressed and accessorized in a way that really shows your true personality.  So that your flowers are a lovely representation of who you are, your florist will be trying to figure out your style.  Give her true clues about that in the way you appear and express yourself.  If it's not possible because you've just come from the gym or something, at least show her photos of what you look like when you're being normal, and behave in a genuine way.

5).  RETURN PHONE CALLS and E-MAILS.  Back to #2.  When she reaches out to you to communicate, answer her back.  If you have decided to use another florist, that's information she needs to know, so don't just vanish -- TELL her!  That way she knows she's free to book another bride's business.

6).  SET A TARGET.  Let her know your budget.  People don't shop for cars with an open-ended, undeclared budget.  It's hard to hit a bulls-eye blindfolded, with no idea where the target is.  When you share  your targeted flower budget with her, it will save her a lot of time and guesswork. 

7).  THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU NEED.  This goes for more than just numbers of bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.  Do you need rental items?  Do you need "servicing" of your wedding?  If details are important to you, you may need full set-up and delivery service with flower pinning.  She will want to know that in advance, in order to plan your timeline correctly.

8).  PICTURES OF HER DESIGNS.  Do what you can to get a few images to her after the wedding.  That may be as simple as finding her on facebook and sending her a link to your online album.  This is important.  Future brides will be checking out her photos, and they may really love what your florist designs for you!

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